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3 Hair Cutting Techniques That Need Long Hair Scissors

September 12, 2022

G'DAY to our fellow Aussie's, today we plan to inspire and highlight the great advantages the long hair shear has to your day-to-day cutting.

Longer Scissors or Barber Shears, as they are most commonly referred to..Longer Shears are not just a one trick pony and not only used for Barbering. You may be surprised to know that all hairdressers can actually benefit from owning a pair of long blades to elevate many different cutting techniques.

Every hairdresser is always trying to find a better way or a faster way of doing things without compromising the end result of a haircut. Removing bulk, creating layers or blunt line cutting can really be done many different ways with all different types of tools, but what if you could do it more precisely and faster at the same time? 

Today we are going to go over some hair cutting techniques that you may not initially think of when using your longer scissors. So let's keep those minds open and maybe even inspire a new way to tackle these well known haircutting techniques.

Cutting a bob line

Cutting a bob line or formally known as blunt cutting is a technique that requires perfect precision. The best way to get a bob line perfect and precise is to limit the amount of cuts it takes to finish the baseline. 

When you use longer scissors removing length, the longer scissors will cut more hair at once and result in a crisp and perfect baseline. Thin hair also can appear thicker when the line is more crisp and perfect, which is a huge plus for those fine hair client's that are always looking for new ways to make their hair appear thicker.

When cutting these techniques, you still want to section the haircut into horizontal sections to avoid cutting too much hair at once. These scissors can cut through thicker sections than shorter scissors, but if your client has thin hair, then a thicker section or no sections at all is perfectly fine.

This cutting technique would have to be the most popular and well known for hairstylist's which goes to show how effective this technique is with longer scissors.

Deep point cutting hair

Deep point cutting is a technique best done with longer hair cutting scissors because you can obviously cut deeper while cutting.

Deep point cutting is a great technique to remove weight for the needs of the hair that your traditional point cutting technique (especially on internal layers). Deep point cutting can remove weight from all the way to the mid length of the hair, but of course that depends on the length of the hair.

The Deep point cutting can be a cutting technique that can take length instead of blunt cutting. Over extending a section around the face line and cutting off length through point cutting is a great way to achieve that dramatic face framing that your more daring clients would love.

So deep point cutting can achieve all different looks, maybe even some we cannot even think of. If you ever get the time, a great way to experiment new haircutting techniques is bringing out that dummy head to go wild with experimenting.

Cutting close to the skin

Cutting close to the skin is a free handing technique, which means you will cut close to the skin without a comb.

While cutting close to the skin with longer scissors, this can achieve a smoother look to the overall appearance to the short hairs. If your longer scissors have a Crane handle then this technique will work better as the Crane handle allows your hands to be naturally lifted away from the client's body

Bonus Technique: Scissor over comb

This is the most obvious cutting technique that may come to your mind when thinking about long bladed shears. We just had to add this one in because we wanted to highlight a couple of points about these techniques. 

When using long bladed shears for scissors over comb, they can really half the cutting time as these shears can cut more hair at a time than shorter blade scissors. Coarse hair can also be more difficult to cut with shorter blade scissors and longer scissors blades are so much more stronger and durable.

Scissor over comb is also a cutting technique that can be applied to short women's cutting styles. By using longer hair cutting shears on a woman's haircut means, the scissors over comb will be much neater and even than using the shorter shears.


We hope there has been some food for thought while reading this blog and if you own a pair of long shears and don't utilize them as well as you should, then there is no time like the present.

Whether you want to create layers, cut fine hair to make it appear thicker, remove bulk or hard lines.. then longer scissors can really be your best friend to achieve all your hearts desires. Even slide cutting (if your shears are sharp enough) is a fun and exciting technique when slide cutting with long shears on internal layers.

Make sure to always keep those shears oiled, clean and sharp so you can always experience their maximum cutting potential for you.

Have fun cutting :)

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