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3 Simple Tips to Help You Cut Curly Hair

April 11, 2019

Do you feel a moment of panic when a client with curly hair walks through your salon door? Does it make you feel anxious when dealing with thick and frizzy hair? This type of hair texture is extremely hard to cut without years of practice, so it is normal for any beginner hairdresser to freak out. However, you can keep yourself cool, calm and collected the next time you cut tight curls with these 3 simple tips that will keep your clients and their hair happy!


Cut Curly Hair


Avoid Texture

When cutting curly hair that is super voluminous, it is important to avoid adding layers to the hair because this creates some texture that will make the hair even thicker. Instead, opt to create a blunt cut. Even cutting lines will ensure that the hair keeps the same amount of volume.

When you’re cutting blunt lines, it is best to use a long-bladed professional hairdressing scissor that is typically used for barbering. The length of the blades will allow you to cut blunt lines with ease. Scissor Tech offers a range of barbering scissors that are made with superior long blades to help you create blunt cuts effortlessly.

7” VG10 Master Barber Ergo

7” VG10 Master Barber Ergo Matte Black Limited Edition – Scissor Tech


Check Your Scissors

 A sharp professional hairdressing scissor is vital when it comes to cutting curls. One of the most common hair troubles that people with curly hair face is frizz. Being blessed with a gorgeous head of curls can also be a curse, as frizz can tangle curls and make the hair impossible to manage. Therefore, it is extremely important that you eliminate any chance of adding frizz to your client’s hair when cutting or styling it.

One thing that most hairdressers overlook when cutting curly hair is the state of your hairdressing scissors. You need to check and make sure before starting the haircut that your best tool is in top condition and is still sharp. Using a dull blade is a sneaky way to add frizz to the hair without even realising that you’re doing it. Check out the Matsui collection from Scissor Tech for premium hairdressing tools that are created with high-quality Japanese steel, which will stay sharper for longer.


Matsui Matte Black VG10 Limited Edition

Matsui Matte Black VG10 Limited Edition Offset Scissor – Scissor Tech


Use A Thinner Scissor

Thinning out thick and curly hair can be extremely time-consuming. Not only do you need to carefully pay attention to the curl pattern of the hair, but you also need to make sure that you don’t ruin the pattern by cutting more hair than necessary. The best way to overcome this challenge is to use a thinner scissor that is specially designed to cut off large chunks of hair at a time without taking too much hair off.

When looking for a thinner for cutting curly hair, look for one that has a small number of teeth on the blade. The lower the number of teeth on the blade, the larger amount of hair it will cut off. You’ll need to avoid using texturizing scissors that have a high number of teeth on the blades as they will end up adding more unwanted texture to your hair instead of thinning it out.


Matsui Matte Black 14Tooth

Matsui Matte Black 14Tooth Offset Thinner – Scissor Tech

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