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5 Must-Have Traveling Hairdresser Tools

March 30, 2019

In being a hairdresser, you may experience some situations which call for travelling. We would all like to pack our whole salon into our kit but let’s face it, it’s impractical to carry more than a handful of essential items. You’ll need to narrow down your selection of hair tools and products that you would like to take in order to keep your kit light and easy to access. As always, the team here at Scissor Tech loves to make every hairdresser’s life a bit easier so we have compiled the top 5 hair tools you need to take when travelling!

5 Traveling Hairdresser Tools For Hairstylists On The Move

1. Professional Barber Razors

A razor is a must-have tool while you’re travelling. It is the easiest and fastest way to create texture if you don’t have thinning scissors ready at hand. Select razors with ergonomic handles for better control and grip. Scissor Tech sells a wide range of razors such as shavette razors, double-edged razors and barbering razors. Everything is handcrafted from premium, sustainable materials.

sharp razor

The 1470 Olive Wood 5/8” Deluxe Straight Razor Set – Scissor Tech


2. A Pair Of Top Quality Shears

Professional hairdressing scissors need a place in your tool kit. As a hairdresser, you know that they will often come in handy, whether it be quick trims or last minutes haircuts. Carrying a set will be your saviour.

Scissor Tech offers hairdressing scissor sets that are perfect for travelling. Choose from a variety of styles which are all made for different haircutting techniques such as slicing, texturizing and point cutting. These high-quality tools are made with premium Japanese steel and come with a super durable casing to protect them from damage.


Hairdressing Scissors

Matsui Apprentice Kit – Scissor Tech


3. A Professional Hair Brush

A detangling brush is a vital hair tool for any hairdresser, travelling or not. A paddle brush with flexible yet strong bristles are great for detangling hair.

Hair brushes made with many bristles are also great to double up for teasing and creating big, voluminous hair.

4. Flat Hair Iron

Flat hair irons can be used for pretty much all hairstyles. With a good hair iron, you can create waves, tight curls or even super straight and sleek hair. Choose a narrow flat iron with a plate width of around 1.5 inches to help you achieve versatile hairstyles.

When it comes to selecting the material of the flat iron, titanium is generally recommended as it heats up very quickly and distributes heat evenly to help save you time. 

Flat Hair Iron


5. Pro Hair Dryer

A small and powerful portable hairdryer is your best friend for short and long trips. If you are considering which hair dryer to take with you, choose one that is super light and has a higher number of watts.

We recommend hair dryers with wattage between 1300 to 1875. Doing this will save you an incredible amount of time when you’re doing a client’s hair. Even better, it won’t weigh down your suitcase.

Make sure to choose hair dryers made with ionic technology which uses a powerful combination of heat and force to help break down water molecules over ceramic technology for a faster hair drying time.

Thanks for viewing our top 5 essential traveling hairdresser tools list! Are you looking for a sharp razor or a professional set of shears to take with you on your trip? Check out our wide range of professional hairdressing scissors for premium hair tools that will make your travel easier!

Thanks for coming by the Scissor Tech Blog!

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