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Why Is It Bad To Have Blunt Hair Scissors?

November 21, 2022

There are many reasons why having blunt or dull scissors can be very detrimental to you as a stylist and your clients overall haircutting and cutting experience. Blunt hair cutting scissors can damage your client’s hair if they are not properly maintained. 

Dull scissors can cause injuries to you as a hair stylist and if the scissors are not sharp at all due to bad quality then these scissors can cause injury to you as well. 

Hair stylists can be on their feet all day so having comfy shoes, a safe work environment and also safe tools that don't cause you or the client any discomfort is actually super important while cutting hair all day long.

So let’s get down to business here and go through"Why it is so bad to have blunt hair cutting scissors".

How can blunt scissors damage hair?

Have you ever felt that feeling when you are cutting your clients hair and the hair is slipping off the blade, pulling or even damaging the client’s hair or leaving a white cast at the ends…

This can be caused by two things: the first is the tension could be too tight/loose or the second is that your scissors are blunt.

If your scissors are in fact blunt this can be uncomfortable for your client because blunt scissors can actually cause the clients hair so much damage as their hair can catch on the blade and be pulled out right from their scalp... OUCH!

Blunt or dull scissors can also cause split ends and that's the white cast you can sometimes see after cutting the ends of their hair. This can be extremely frustrating for your client and also time wasting as you clients come to get their split ends cut off and not to have length cut off and more split ends to appear. This can cause the client to complain thinking that their hair feels drier and damaged than when they walked in the salon.

If you want repeat clients, then giving them an amazing overall cutting experience by having good quality and sharp scissors will help you tremendously.

What can blunt scissors do to a hair stylist?

Did you know...?

That by using the incorrect tools and having blunt or dull hair scissors is the number one cause for hairdressers developing Carpal Tunnel or Repetitive Strain related Injuries (RSI).

When your scissors are properly sharpened then your scissors should slice through hair like butter and cause no strain at all to your wrist and hand. The moment your scissors start to become blunt, they are actually harder to work with. Hand fatigue is what is caused by blunt or bad quality hair cutting scissors, so if you're starting to notice your hand, wrist or arm feeling tired then maybe it’s time to book in for a sharpening.

Are all scissors sharp enough to cut hair?

When you first buy a pair of scissors they should always be super sharp. As mentioned before, if you have a good quality and a sharp pair of scissors, they should feel like your slicing butter when you are cutting hair.

Cheap scissors or not professional haircutting scissors will feel like you are cutting through paper or cardboard and really are not a nice feeling at all to use. This is why investing in a good quality pair of scissors will make cutting hair a more enjoyable experience for you and for your client. 

Trust us when we tell you that your client can feel the difference between good or bad quality scissors.

What happens to your scissors if I do not sharpen them enough?

The best way to prolong the life of your hairdressing scissors is first to keep them sharp among other steps too, like cleaning and oiling them.

If you’re not regularly sharpening your scissors then this can actually cause damage to the steel, as it adds more pressure to the steel by them not being sharp and can cause the steel to weaken over time or break.

Among other reasons that we have already discussed, if you’re not sharpening your scissors enough you can cause hand fatigue and damage to the hair you're cutting too.

How often do scissors need to be maintained?

It’s important to find a professional and specialized hair scissor sharpener in your area. The reason it’s so important is because a professional sharpener will use different techniques to sharpen and service your scissors over a regular sharpener. The specialized sharpener will also use specialized sharpening tools on your scissors where normal sharpeners tools could be too harsh and could break your scissors.

Never should you self-sharpen your scissors as that could be dangerous and you could most likely damage your scissors.

The last words..

Blunt cutting is not a secret code for cutting with a blunt pair of scissors. It’s never okay to cut or even own a pair of blunt scissors in the world of hairdressing. There really should be a law against it.

So if you have made it this far through our blog I'm sure you will agree that a sharp pair of scissors are as enjoyable as a sunny day in the Australian summer heat and by a pool somewhere, (preferably with a cocktail).

So if you have purchased a pair of dull hair scissors or your scissors are due for sharpening then this is a sign to book those scissors for a sharpening or invest in a good quality pair of hair scissors that are sharp for you. 

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