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Is There A Difference In Blades And Edges Of Haircutting Scissors

November 28, 2022

Hair cutting scissors come in all shapes and sizes. If you're looking at buying a new pair of hairdressing scissors you've probably already read our blogs on handles, scissor lengths and all the other accessories you will need with your new scissors! It's time for us to give you the low down on the scissor blades. 

Scissor blades and edges are as important as the rest of your scissor. They can really help make or break your hair cutting. Let's take a look at all your different options and how they can help you improve your haircuts.

Sword shape blade

As you can probably guess by the name, a sword blade is shaped... like a sword. The sword blade is a new design, designed to be very sharp, and very powerful. The unique design is higher in the middle of the blade, making the blade stronger and thicker. Because of this higher point, this scissor blade makes the tip of the blade take more of the cutting load. This shape blade is perfect for thick hair, precision cutting, point cutting and everything in between. If you're looking for a sharp and strong all rounder this blade shape is for you.

Slide Cutting Blade

This shape blade is also a new design. It is designed for slide cutting. That means it's a must if you're cutting extensions. The blade of slide cutting scissors is curved. This curved outer blade helps to push the hair, resulting in easier and better slide or slice cutting.

Convex edge blade

The convex edge is also known as the japanese edge. It is what the Japanese scissor makers are known for! Convex blades are super sharp, narrow blades that make one smooth cut ! A convex edge blade is very sensitive and can only be done on high quality Japanese steel. If the steel is too soft it will not hold the convex edge. This blade is also known as the clamshell blade. It comes to a very fine point. It takes a lot of skill and precision to perfect this edge, and when done correctly is done completely by hand. Only hand sharpening can get a blade that thin. Convex edge blades are great for point cutting, slide cutting, and other advanced cutting techniques. While the convex shape scissor blade is the sharpest edge you'll find, they are also quite sensitive and will dull quicker and need sharpening more often. Making sure you use this blade properly will ensure that it holds its edge longer. We recommend avoiding too much blunt cutting with this hair scissors blade.

Beveled Edge

A beveled blade or beveled edge is a much easier edge to be sharpened. It is made of straighter blades that then come to a point to make sharp edges. The bevel edge of a scissor is great for blunt cutting and most other techniques. It is a power horse of a cutting edge, meaning it will hold its sharp edge for quite some time. You will find this edge on German scissor blades and most median priced ones. It is also a popular edge for barber scissors. While a beveled blade is sharp it is not as fine and sharp as the convex blade. This helps to prevent hair sliding off the blade when cutting. This makes it perfect for cutting blunt lines and also scissor over comb cutting. It is not the best for slide cutting as it will not push the hair as nicely as a convex edge will. It is important to mention that most thinning scissors will have one blade of teeth and one blade with a bevel edge. This helps to hold the hair in place when using these scissors. Have a look at our barber scissors HERE for some great beveled edges !

Semi Convex edge

Judging by the name of this blade you can probably guess a few things about it! It is the perfect blend of a beveled and convex edge. It holds the convex shape blade ( the clamshell) with a beveled edge. The semi convex blade will be sharper than a beveled but more durable than a convex edge. You will most likely find this cutting edge on most mid range- high end hair shears. Semi convex hairdressing scissors are great for all hair cutting techniques, from blunt cuts to heavy point cutting and everything in between. Have a look at our precision rangeHERE. These scissors have a semi convex edge that is sharp and great for precision cutting!

Micro serrated blades

Now this is a different one for you ! You will most likely find this serrated edge on barber scissors and some beveled blades. A serrated blade is one that has a lot of tiny little cuts, or serrations on one single bevel blade. These little cuts help to hold the hair in place while you cut. They are very helpful for blunt cuts! If you are a bob cut master this blade edge is for you ! They are also found on a majority of barber scissor blades. Barbers like a serrated blade for when doing scissor over comb. This technique requires hair to stay in place while you cut it. It is not recommended to use this type of hair scissor blades when doing slide cuts. The serrated blade can pull hair when sliding and be uncomfortable for a client. This blade can be used for dry cutting or wet cutting.

Let's Talk Scissor sharpening

Now we can't discuss edges and blades without discussing scissor sharpening. And a good scissor sharpener should know the best blade type and edge for your scissor. They should also be able to tell which edge it had when you received it and be able to return it to its previous state. A convex shape blade takes more time and skill to master. As mentioned, sharpening this edge requires a lot of hand sharpening to get it super fine. A good scissor sharpener will have a high quality sharpening machine but also a keen eye for detail. They should be able to sharpen a curved blade or straight blade and give you the perfect edges on your scissor blades.

Now you know all there is.....

to know about blade edges. It may seem like a lot of information at once! But once you know all the in's and out's of scissor blades and edges you can make the best choice for the perfect pair for you ! If you still have any questions about blades and edges feel free to check out all our scissor optionsHERE and don't forget about our friendly customer service reps! They are here to answer any and all your questions !

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