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What Other Accessories Are Needed When Purchasing Hairdressing Scissors

October 31, 2022

You just purchased a brand new pair of Matsui scissors, your perfect pair! Congratulations! They arrive in 5 days to your doorstep and you're pretty excited! So are we, we know you will love your new hair cutting scissors. Here are a few other accessories that you'll find with your scissors, and maybe a few you will consider getting!

Scissor Case/Mat/Holster

Any scissor you order from us here at, Scissor tech, will come with a scissor case. Our scissor cases have a secure spot for you to keep your scissors. This will keep them protected when we ship them to you, but also when you store them away.

Scissor cases are great for storing all your scissors. Too often we place our scissors down on a hard surface, like our station. While all the scissors we sell are made from the highest quality japanese steel, even a bump on a hard station surface can damage them. Storing them away without a case also opens up the door for accidental drops and fall damage. Dropping your hair cutting scissors can lead to all types of problems. You can mess up their alignment, cause nicks or chips on the sharp blade or even break the scissor tip. While most of these things can be fixed, it is still not fun to have happen to your new scissors.

While all of our scissors come with a case you may want to consider something else to help protect your hair cutting tools. We also have scissor holsters and scissor mats available.

A scissor holster is designed to keep your hairdressing scissors on you. This means that during your busy working day there is less chance of them being left somewhere, knocked off your station or put down too hard on your hard station. This accessory is convenient and looks cool as well!

A scissor mat is a raised rubber mat. It is meant for your station. The raised surface helps prevent any water or chemical spill from reaching your hairdressing scissors. The high quality rubber prevents your scissors from sliding off your station.. and onto the floor.

Finger inserts

Once you have opened your scissor case you will find our little scissor maintenance kit. This kit includes all the accessories you will need to care for your scissors. 

You will find multiple finger inserts. These can be added and removed from your scissors in order to achieve the best fit. It is important that your scissors fit correctly. Too loose and you risk dropping them, too tight and you may find it harder to move freely with them. Proper fitting hair cutting scissors will give you better control.

Scissor Oil

Now this one is very important for your hair shears maintenance. At the end of every day it is important to oil your scissors. Using our little handy oil pen, simply place a small drop at the pivot point of the blades. This will keep your hair cutting scissors well lubricated and also help remove any small hair fragments that may be stuck. Our oil pen is the perfect tool to help keep your scissors in their best cutting shape.

Microfibre Cloth

This small cloth is there to help you keep your scissors clean! After every client it is important to sanitise and wipe the hair off your scissors. Having wet hair remain on your scissors and cause rust and other problems. Use a small bit of isopropyl alcohol to help kill any bacteria that may be left behind.

Tension Adjuster

Adjusting the tension on your hairdressing scissors regularly is another important step. You should be checking the tension regularly. 

To check the tension of your scissors simply raise the thumb ring to a 90 degree angle. Release the blade and see where it stops naturally. If the blade drops below 20 degrees, or closes completely, this means your scissors are too loose. If the blade does not drop to at least 45 degrees, they are too tight. Using your tension adjuster you can tighten or loosen your scissors accordingly. Be careful not to over- adjust them.

Razors and Razor blades

You will find most of our scissor sets will come with a texture razor and blades. Texture razors are one of those must-have hairdressing tools. They are great for adding heaps of texture to a cut. If you do a lot of shorter, textured cuts, like a pixie, a texture razor is a must !

You may also want to consider adding a straight razor to your tool kit. While using a straight razor will take a lot of practice, it is a great skill to have. Using a straight razor to finish off any men's cuts will help take your cuts to the next level.


This may seem like an obvious one, but a comb is a must have accessory. As a hairdresser you will use your comb almost as often as your scissors. Combs come in all different sizes. You will want a few different ones. Larger combs with wider teeth are great for combing through thick or coarse hair. Wider teeth will help you to control and style curly hair too. Hair combs with smaller, closer together teeth will give you great tension when cutting hair, especially for fine hair.

Thinning scissors

You can not have a whole blog about hair cutting scissor accessories without a mention of thinning scissors. Every hair stylist and professional barber needs a pair of these! They have so many uses. You can use them to blend haircuts and remove weight, they are even helpful for detailing haircuts.

The list goes on..

There are so many different accessories you will need for cutting hair. Each hair stylist is different and will have different ideas of what must be in their tool kit. We can help you find the right pair of scissors for you ... and all the best accessories to go with them ! If you need more help feel free to reach out to one of our friendly customer care people! 

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