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Is It Possible To Blend Haircuts With Thinning Scissors

October 24, 2022

Thinning scissors can be such a controversial topic between hairdressers. Some stylists swear by them, others fear them! Well we are here to show you why you need a pair, and just how to use them to achieve all your cutting goals!

What are Thinning Scissors

To put it simply, we have all seen these funny looking scissors, with teeth. These teeth are there to remove weight without removing any length from your haircuts. Thinning scissors have one straight blade and one blade with teeth. A pair of thinning shears can have anywhere from 20- 40 teeth. These teeth remove approximately 30-35 percent of the hair. How many teeth the scissor has will determine how much hair is removed. More teeth will result in less hair being removed.

Thinning scissors are not to be confused with texturizing shears. Texturizing shears have anywhere from 5-15 teeth. These wider gapped teeth setups are for removing more hair and adding a chunkier texture to your haircuts. Fewer teeth will remove more hair.

Using your thinning scissors

You can use thinning shears for many things. This is one of the reasons they go by a few different names. Thinning scissors may also be known as blending shears or finishing shears. This means you can use them to blend haircuts and finish haircuts.

To use your thinning scissors to remove weight from a haircut you use them for more of the interior of the cut. Meaning that if you take a section of hair you want to remove excess weight between the middle of that section and the end. When using your thinning scissors this way it is important to remember to never use them too high on the section, doing so will result in fly aways and pieces of hair sticking up. When using thinning shears to remove weight it is important to know what type of hair to use them on. You want to use them on thicker hair. Using thinning shears for this purpose can leave holes in fine hair. There is such a thing as over thinning when it comes to removing weight, so it is always better to remove hair sparingly.

To use hair thinning scissors to blend hair, or finish a haircut it is important to remember why you are using them. Thinning scissors can help you soften lines, blend layers and even add texture. To give your haircuts a softer edge use your thinning scissors to lightly dust the end of the haircut. This is a great way to avoid sharp, heavy lines, like those of a bob haircut. The blunt lines of a bob can be too heavy for certain hair types, and that is why thinning scissors can help you finish your cuts. 

When using your thinning scissors to blend hair it is important to remember to use them softly and sparingly. You can softly blend layers by thinning the ends and giving a more wispy effect. You can blend fades by using your thinning scissors as you would for scissor over comb. This gives you a smoother, softer, more natural blend. You should make sure to always use your thinning shears on dry hair. Using thinning scissors on wet hair can cause you to remove way more hair than you want to. If you are using your scissors for blending hair you can use them on thick hair or thin hair, any hair type really, except for curly hair. Avoid thinning shears if your client has curly or very coarse hair.

Another great way to use thinning scissors to blend hair is to use them like you would regular hair cutting scissors. You can use them for point cutting, slide cutting and slicing. These are great ways to do these techniques to remove unwanted weight without removing as much as ordinary scissors. You can even use your thinning scissors to cut straight lines. By opening and closing them multiple times you will get a straight line, but with wispier ends. 

Choosing your thinning scissors

Similar to our regular scissors there are a few different options for thinning scissors. First they come in different sizes. We recommend either 5.5 inch or 6 inch , depending on what you feel most comfortable with when cutting. 

We also have different handles available. You will find them in classic handle, offset handle, ergonomic handle and even swivel shears. This means that no matter how you prefer to hold your scissors, we have the thinning scissor for you! Check out our collectionHERE

You can even find thinning scissors with a double threat handle. This means you can hold thinning scissors however you like. They can be used in your right or left hand. This makes it easier to reach every angle and spot you may need to with your thinning scissors. 

You may also find an option for double sided thinning scissors. These have two blades with teeth. They will remove hair and weight the same, except because they do not have the straight blade there is even less of a chance of leaving any lines in your hair cut.

Caring for your thinning scissors

Now that we have convinced you that you need these scissors in your life! Let's make sure you take good care of them. 

Like most of our scissors, our thinning scissors come in a protective case. This will keep them nice and safe when they're shipped to you, but also in your salon. Always store your scissor somewhere safe.

You will also need to make sure you clean and oil them like you would your regular scissor. Everyday place a drop of oil where the two blades meet to remove any excess hair. 

Get to Blending

We hope that you have now gained more confidence in using your thinning scissors for blending. They are such a great, versatile tool to have in your kit. We can't wait to see all your beautifully blended cuts out there in the wild!


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