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The Best Hair Scissors For Cutting Bangs

June 28, 2022

Bangs have been a really hot trend for some time now and we think this popular trend may be here to stay. As Hairstylist's we need to be prepared to have the best tools to create the hottest trends for our client's.

We know there may be a million and one ways to cut the same hairstyle, but what you may not know is some hair cutting scissors that you may be missing from your tool kit would simplify these haircuts for you.

We love a good Curtain bangs, Side bangs or even a front bang (front fringe) and when hair trends come and go... all different types of bangs will stay.

So let's get into our favorite hair cutting scissors that we recommend for those hairstylist's out there that just love to keep up to date with trends.


Why are certain types of hair scissors best for cutting Bangs?

Every hairstylist has their own technique to cut a client's bangs, but there are some scissors that can be life changing for you to use. Think about it this way.. if you're cutting in bangs with just one type of hair cutting scissors, then do you find yourself cutting away for awhile and trying to get those bangs to perfectly fall and blend?

Certain types of hair cutting scissors will cut your blending time in half, or create a blend through those bangs that you wont get from your ordinary hair shears.

This is why today we will go through all different hair cutting techniques and different types of haircutting scissors that will level up your bang's cutting game.

Slide Cutting Scissors

Slide Cutting shears are at the top of our list for a reason. Not only are slide cutting scissors amazing for cutting in shape around your clients face or blending in a fringe, They are also the best hair cutting scissors to cut in Curtain Bangs or a Side Bang (Side Fringe)

Slide cutting scissors are designed to slide cut hair faster, smoother and more seamlessly then traditional hair cutting scissors. A slide cutting blade is made from a softer Japanese Steel that is a lot sharper than other hair cutting scissors.

Slide cutting a fringe will give you a perfect shape, keep in mind that slide cutting shears is best for slide cutting only. If you try a Point Cut or Blunt Cut then this may push the hair and a Slide Cutting shears is not designed for these cutting techniques.

Thinning Scissors

Thinning Scissors are called the Finishing Hair Shears for a reason. After putting so much effort into creating that perfect shape into your clients fringe.

They are best for removing unwanted thickness and weight from the fringe, Twist cutting the fringe or simply going in on an angle to soften any harsh lines through the end of the bang's.

Twist cutting with Thinning Scissors is a great way to evenly remove unwanted weight from the ends of the fringe so then it's perfectly into shape. Thinning shears can take a really stiff and unruly bang to a perfectly shaped and blended bang. If you don't use your Thinning Scissors for your bangs, then you should start doing so.

Matsui Precision Scissors

Matsui Precision hair cutting scissors are the best shears to use when cutting hair if you want that precise cut. Not only are they a perfect shear to use while getting in close to cutting around ears, cutting in precise base lines and point cutting. Precision cuts are also a perfect technique done by these hair scissors to cut in those precise Bangs.

What makes precision shears different from normal hair cutting shears is that precision hair scissors have a smaller narrow ended blade. When a blade is more narrowed ended than traditional hair scissors then it's much easier for hairstylists to cut in an even and precise cut.

Texturizing Scissors

Texturizing Scissors or also known as Chomping Thinning Scissors are exactly what they sound like and that's for texturizing. The hair scissors really are another game changer for textured haircuts and most importantly textured bangs.

If you have a client with a textured short hair or a long textured haircut then these scissors are perfect to take away those harsh and heavy lines that you don't want in a textured style. These hair cutting scissors are awesome to use in bangs because if you have a client with a textured haircut then you are going to want to follow that haircut up by cutting in a textured fringe right?

You don't need to go overboard with these hair scissors and cut away happily. These shears have a fast impact result, meaning one or two cuts with these hair scissors in any section would be enough and especially in the fringe area.


Having the skills to cut those perfect bang's is always the most important gift to have but the wrong hair shears will make it harder for you. When trying to find those perfect hair cutting scissors for bangs or any other type of style cutting, then we think it's important to have all round scissors that can be used to elevate all of your hair cuts.

Today we have spoken about and narrowed down the most essential haircutting scissors to have in your tool kit to create not only the most flawless bangs but also a flawless style cut.

Slide cutting hair scissors are those hair shears you never knew you needed until you actually tried them and once you have tried them you will need them. As we have said time and time again, Game changers!

Thinning hair scissors are a type of hair shear that every hairdresser should own. No matter what haircut or bangs you are cutting for your client, then you need to be prepared when they tell you they want their hair thinned out, or weight taken out as us stylists like to say.

Precision hair cutting scissors are a little extra bonus or treat to yourself. If you are a hair stylist that specializes in cutting or love to have a tool for every job then this is an essential tool for you to elevate your cutting abilities.

Last but not certainly least is your Texturizing hair scissors. These shears are another essential shear to have because you always need to be prepared for those textured haircut clients!

So there you have it, our top recommended shears for those perfect bangs.

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