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How to pick hair scissors for cutting hair

June 23, 2022

So the time has come to pick your new hair cutting scissors (woohoo) but now you're asking the hard stuff. Is there a right scissor for you? How to know which is the best professional hairdressing scissors for you? How long? How short? Will the pair I choose be good for the hair cutting or barbering techniques I use? SO many questions! But lucky for you - we're here to help with the overwhelming decision you now face. So let's start!

Handle Design

So firstly, it's the obvious. The handle design of the hair cutting scissors. If you didn't already know hair cutting scissors come in 4 different handle designs. They include; Offset handle, Crane handle, Classic handle and lastly Swivel handle scissors. The handle design you choose will determine how comfortable cutting hair will be for you in the long and short term. You'll want a design that gives the most natural and comfortable position possibly. Having a natural grip will ensure maximum comfort whilst cutting hair.

If you're unfamiliar of what handle design you should choose - check out this blog here - that will give you a further explanation of the classic, swivel, crane and offset handle designs and who and what they're good for.

Keeping in mind if you're in need of either a straight blade pair of scissors or thinning scissors the handle you choose for either one, you should pair up with the same handle design.


Next up we have the length of the scissors. The length of the scissors will determine what you use them for. Whether they're your everyday pair of hairdressing scissors or your barbering pair of hair scissors. Hair scissors generally come in sizes 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, and all the way up to 7inch. We like to say that the majority of hairdressers tend to use a 5, 5.5 and 6 inch (the smaller sized scissors) for their everyday hairdressing techniques like blunt cutting, layering, precision cuts and trimming hair and trimming bangs. Where ad 6.5 and 7inch scissors are of course the longer scissors and are used more for barbering techniques like scissor over comb and also for hairdressers or barbers that like to do deep point cutting style, slice cutting.

To measure the length of a hairdressing scissors and barber scissors is starting from the tip of the closed blades to the end of the scissor at the tang (not the end of the handle itself) see below for a reference guide.

Barber scissors or Hairdresser Scissors?

Next you'll need to know whether you're looking for barber scissors or hairdressing scissors. Why? Because there are scissors that are designed more for barbering purposes over hairdressing. Not only the length being the main thing that's different between the two but also the handle design can sometimes be designed as super ergonomic to help support a barbering hand which is why the first step is super important.

Although, you can of course use either barber shears or hair scissors for either cuts but only a true barber or hairdresser will be able to tell the difference when creating those precise cuts or any hair cutting technique for that matter.

If you are however a student hairdresser then you won't know which to choose but our best recommendation would be to choose entry level scissors based on your experience. From our knowledge when you're a student hairdresser the longer blades and narrow tipped scissors which are usually barber scissors can be a little overwhelming and tricky to use. So probably best to stick with hairdressing scissors (shorter bladed handles) until you're more comfortable.


Ahhh the colour, our most favourite part! Hairdressing shears come in a range of colours! Colours to brighten your hair cutting kit, or colours to keep your professional shears ever so chic and classic. A quality pair of hairdressing shears wont matter what colour they are but as long as they have been manufactured correctly!

Some will argue that coloured hair cutting shears wont give professional hair cuts BUT we're here to tell you that's not the case at all! Again as long as the hair cutting shears have been made correctly and coated correctly your pair of scissors should be super sharp leaving you with all the confidence that they will cut correctly. The colour should and will be consistent all over the shear, including the blades and finger holes. Remembering the finger rings may come in other colours but they are always removable finger rings which will show the colour underneath them.

Colours that you can expect to find on our website include Silver, Rose Gold, Matte Black, Pastel Pink, Pastel Orange, Rainbow, Neon Pink and many more which some even include a beautiful Swarovski gem on them. So have a browse at the best part and see which colour jumps out to you!


Lastly we have the price. Finding the right scissors can be tricky but if you know what you're looking for and you know your budget then the right hairdressing scissors should be easy enough to find. If you don't then you'll need to work out your budget before anything. Luckily though most hairdressing scissors and barbering scissors have a wide price range to fit every stylists budget. While yes, new hairdressing scissors can be expensive but one thing to remember is that these new pairs of scissors will be your investment for the next minimum 2 - 5 years! So be sure to save your pretty pennies and invest in a good, not a great pair of scissors.

Now that we have all of that summed up, it should be relatively easy for you to pick out your very own hairdressing scissors or barbering scissors. Let's not forget though that all of what we mentioned also applies to thinning shears and texturizing scissors, we can't leave them out! If you're still feeling overwhelmed feel free to reach out to our amazing customer service team and we will get you on track for all your hairdressing scissors and barbering scissors needs.

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