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How many scissors do I need in my tool kit

May 24, 2024

We know it's so hard to choose your perfect pair of scissors when here at Scissor Tech we have such a large selection ! But how many pairs do you actually need ? Let us help you decide which hair cutting scissors you need in your tool kit!

Different Scissor Lengths

First lets talk about the different length scissors you will find, and which ones you may want to include in your tool kit, and why!

Medium sized or " normal" sized scissors are scissors that are 5.5 or 6 inch long blades. Most hair stylists will have shears that are this length. Most likely when you started cutting hair these were the scissors you bought. They are a great all rounder. 5.5 or 6 inch blades will work for almost all cutting techniques. You can use them for blunt cutting and texturising.

Long Scissors are blades that range in size from 6-8 inches. At first a longer blade may seem heavy and uncomfortable in your hand, however they are a great tool to have for certain cuts. 

Longer blades are very popular for barber shears. A long blade allows you to cut larger sections, and achieve straight lines. Barbers love a long blade for scissor over comb, as it makes their job faster and their cuts smoother. This also makes the long blade great for blunt lines. Since you will have to open and close your scissors less, this means less space for error ! Your lines will be smooth and straight!

Small scissors are blades that are 5 inches or less. Their smaller size is not as popular as the other lengths, however, they may still have a place amongst your tools. The smaller blades are harder to find but are great for details! If you're a stylist who does alot of shorter cuts ( like pixies) and loves to have heaps of texture, a smaller scissor may be a great addition to your scissor collection.

Precision Shears

You can have a look at our precision rangeHERE. Any hairdresser will find this range is a great addition to their cutting arsenal. These scissors are made from high quality japanese steel and are great for wet or dry cutting and will guarantee perfect lines and amazing details. They range in size from 5.5- 7 inches, giving you the perfect scissor for a longer blade. They are a must have for blunt cutting and texturising. This lightweight scissor will quickly become your favourite!

VG10 Sliders

These scissors are a must have addition for most stylists. They are the perfect pair of scissor for slide cutting and most texturising techniques. They have a wider blade, and a convex edge. These blades are designed to push the hair to a razor sharp edge. So while they will be perfect for some techniques they are not meant to be used like other scissors. They are not the pair of hair cutting scissors to use for blunt cutting. We highly recommend this scissor if you are a stylist who specialises in extensions and dry cutting. 

Thinning Scissors

If you don't have a pair of these in your life, run... don't walk- toHERE. Every hairdresser needs a pair of thinning scissors. Thinning scissors commonly range in number of teeth from 20-40 teeth. These scissors are a must for removing weight, blending cuts and adding texture and movement. We know that they can have a bad rap, but we promise if used correctly they can change your life! They are the best thing you can add to your cutting arsenal, and will not only upgrade your hair cuts but make your life easier as well! 

Texturising Scissors

These scissors are the less well known cousin of the thinning shears. Similar to the thinning shear they have teeth. However they range in number from 5-20 teeth. These scissors create a more chunky texture. They work great in thick hair and can really help you add that messy chunky texture to short choppy cuts, or even for shag cuts. 

But how many scissors do I really need?

Well this is entirely up to you. Some stylists prefer to keep it simple and only have 1 or 2 pairs, while some of us love having a variety of scissors to choose from. It is important to remember that you do need at least 2 pairs of scissors. This is a must because if you need one pair sharpened you better be prepared to use a different pair! 

We recommend using this blog to help you choose how many scissors you need! Different cutting techniques may call for different scissors ! And we are always happy to help you decide which hair cutting scissors you may need to add to your collection!

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