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Do you need to have finger inserts for your hair scissors

April 10, 2024

As you know by now hairdressing scissors are not one size fits all. We have to consider many different things when buying a pair of scissors. Here at Scissor Tech we want your hair scissors to be the perfect pair for you, in many ways. That is why in any of the scissor cases you receive with your new scissors you will find our scissor maintenance kit. You'll find a microfibre cloth, scissor oil pen, tension adjuster and multiple rubber finger inserts! Those finger inserts are why we are here today!

What are hairdressing Finger inserts

You may be wondering what those rubber rings that came with your hair cutting scissors. These are your finger inserts. Finger inserts are there to make sure your hair cutting scissors fit correctly. In your scissor case you will find multiple finger inserts so you can add as many as you need to get the perfect fit. When your scissors arrive they may feel tight, check to make sure there are no finger inserts already in place!

Why are they so important?

It is important that your hairdressing scissors are held correctly. If they do not fit this can lead to many problems. It can lead to hand pain, wrist pain and accidental drops. Scissors that don't fit properly can also mimic dull scissors, so they can bend and push hair, which will affect your haircuts. 

How to hold hairdressing scissors correctly

In order to find the perfect fit we need to make sure we are holding our scissors the right way. Your thumb hole, which will be the larger hole, is on the bottom. The smaller finger hole is for your ring finger and is on top. Next to the ring finger you will find a small finger rest. This is for your pinky finger. Your pinky finger will rest here as you cut. Some hairstylists prefer no finger rest, however a finger rest ensures you are more comfortable and have more control of your scissors. Your pointer and middle finger just rest naturally next to your ring finger and above your thumb. 

Finding the right fit

As we mentioned, all hair cutting scissors have two finger holes. The larger finger hole is for your thumb and the smaller one is for your ring finger. 

Your ring finger hole should sit just above your second knuckle between the first and second. There should be a little room so that you can palm your scissors when cutting. 

Your thumb hole should sit right around the nail cuticle, above the first knuckle. This is so you can easily remove your thumb. It is important to make sure you have control of your scissors when cutting hair. If your finger holes are too loose you may struggle to keep them on your fingers, leading to dropped scissors! If your finger holes are too tight you may find it hard to move your hands and fingers the way they need to move for cutting hair.

The great thing about finger rings is you can add as many as you need to make sure your scissors fit correctly. Having hair cutting tools that fit your hands is as important as that pair of jeans that fit you just right ! You will look and feel your best!

Sometimes even the smallest things....

are most important ! And that's how we feel about finger inserts. They may not seem as cool and essential as other accessories, but they are a must have when using your scissors.

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