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Reduce Hairdresser Wrist Pain With Swivel Shears

June 11, 2018

Take advantage of the Scissor Tech End of Financial Year Sale and get yourself a brand new pair of ergonomic swivel shears.

We know what you’re be thinking.

Swivel shears look weird, they seem kind of gimmicky, and you feel like you’re old pair of scissors are handling the job quite well. While your current pair may plunge you into success, for now, it may not be good for you in the long term (not even if you invest in the best care and maintenance).


KAMISORI Swivel Shears

KAMISORI Cahira Swivel Shears

You see, swivel shears were made for a particular reason.

Once you get your hands on one, you will immediately understand what they were made for.

Plus, not all of them are weird-looking.

Ergonomic Design

Swivel scissors are all about ergonomics. Don’t be intimidated by the word, it simply means that the product was specifically designed according to the physiological requirements of the body, thereby promoting efficiency, productivity and health.

One of the few things we point out when we show these shears to stylists is the spacing in between the finger rings. Unlike traditional shears where you have to bring the finger and the thumb together, these ergonomic shears added a gap in between so that there would be less movement and less fatigue on the fingers and the base of the hand.

How do they work?

From the word swivel, this type of scissor enables you to rotate the ring where you insert your thumb, depending on the position you want them to be.

When stylists are blunt cutting, their wrists are usually bent perpendicular to the body, while the elbows and shoulders are up and hanging. Now with the swivel, because the thumb is now fully flexible, you can cut hair without having to raise your shoulder and elbow while maintaining the hands and fingers in a natural and neutral position.

This also works even when you’re cutting bangs. The scissors are in a horizontal position but your wrist, elbows and shoulders remain relaxed pointing downwards.

Your regular shears require you to adjust your hand and arms to the scissors, but the swivel adjusts the scissors to fit your most comfortable position. In addition, you won’t have to worry about pressing, bending, or tweaking your thumb into the metal ring. Since the ring rotates with the thumb, you now have a more dynamic motion and a wider range of cutting angles.

Long-term Benefits

Overall, the swivel scissors place you at an advantage because it allows you to do the same amount of work but with less stress on the body.

As you progress in your career, your workload will go up. If you do not take precautionary measures now, you might as well settle with a short-lived business as potential health risks disable you from pursuing your desired path. Investing in a good pair of swivel scissors not only prevents these risks but it has also been known to reduce wrist pain over time.

Get them while they're Tax Deductible

With the End of Financial Year Sale, our swivel scissors are not just more affordable than ever, you can also claim them on your tax! Refer to this post to learn more about the benefits you'll get in our EOFY sale.

To make things easier for you, we've already gathered all our best swivel scissors into one page so you can choose which one you like most. You can find all our swivel scissors here.

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