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Can You Fix Scissors That Have Been Dropped Or Damaged

August 29, 2022

Oops! In your mad rush to finish and get to your next client you've managed to bang your scissors a bit too hard on your station! What do you do? 

Or maybe they took a little tumble off your station and on to the floor!

Does this mean you need to buy a new pair?

Don't stress! We have all been here. Let's see if we can get those scissors fixed for you !

Do you need a new pair of scissors

Our scissors are made from hard Japanese steel, however they are still quite delicate instruments, and dropping or bumping them can cause some serious damage. But that doesn't mean that all dropped and damaged scissors are headed for the dump.

If you have dropped your scissors, first pick them up very carefully. Inspect those blades and blade tips. You may find they are out of alignment or possibly have a little nick or nitch on the blade. Luckily for you these should be able to be fixed. If the blade tips break off, unfortunately these scissors are headed for the bin! It is rare that a quality pair of scissors will break like that, but it can happen. We sure hope you never have to experience the breaking of your scissors, however if it does happen we are always here to help you find a new pair! 

What to do if they can be fixed

Let's start with explaining the best way you can save your scissors. It is possible that you have a nitch or nick . A nick is a small piece of metal that has come off. If you close your blades on this metal, you can damage the cutting edge even further. From the open position use your fingers to gently push the two blades apart. While pushing them apart, slowly close your scissors. Now apply pressure to the tip, pushing the blades towards each other, while gently opening your scissors. This should help move the nick to the non- cutting edge of your scissors, and keep them from being damaged any further.

How to tell if you have damaged scissors

You've now examined your scissor and have opened and closed them a few times to see if you can feel any damage. Let's discuss the tell tale signs of scissor damage.

If you have inspected them closely and can not see any physical damage you may decide to try using them on your next client. Before using them again we recommend doing a quick scissor maintenance . 

  • Clean your blades- by using a soft microfibre cloth to wipe away any hair or debris that have been left behind. You can use a few drops of isopropyl alcohol to help dry and sanitise your blades
  • Oil - using some scissor oil, place a drop or two where the blades meet. Open and close your scissors carefully to help remove any hair. Wipe the excess oil with your soft cloth
  • Check the tension- Open your scissor blade with the thumb. When it is open to 90 degrees, drop the blade. If it closes more than 20 Degrees it is too loose. If the blade stays open more than 45 degrees it is too tight.
  • Adjust the tension- Using your tension adjustment screw tighten or loosen your scissors, only by one notch at a time. Careful not to over tighten or over loosen.

Now that you've given your scissors some proper care, let's try using them. Your scissors should still be cutting smooth and straight. If you feel like your scissors are pushing the hair, or pulling it. Put those scissors down! You may also find that they feel harder to cut with. Sometimes after they've been dropped your scissors may begin to sound louder when you cut. These are all tell tale signs that your dropped scissors have experienced some damage. 

Who are you going to call ?

Your scissor sharpening service or blade smith ! You know that guy that comes by the salon every few months, he should know how to repair your scissors. Contact him as soon as you can and let him work his magic.

First they will take apart your scissors and inspect your scissor blades. Always make sure you are working with a sharpener who takes apart your scissors first! They will then go about hollow grinding your scissors and reestablishing the edges. If your scissors have been knocked out of alignment they we realign them. A good scissor sharpener will have your scissors back to their best working order in no time! 

Preventing Damage

Now we know that accidents can happen. However there are ways to help prevent these accidents.

When your scissors first arrive to you they will come in a protective case. This case is padded and has a secure place to hold your scissors so that they do not bounce around on their way to you. This case is important for you to use on a regular basis. Every night before you leave the salon, place your scissors in their case to protect them. It is especially important to remember to use this case when transporting your scissors anywhere, so that they aren't dropped! 

You may also want to consider investing in a scissor mat. A scissor mat is a raised rubber mat for your station. The non-slip rubber will ensure that your scissors stay in one place. A scissor mat is a quick, easy option for securing your scissors on your station. No more accidentally bumping them on a hard surface or having them tumble to the floor. 

You can also try using a scissor holster. A holster will keep your scissors safe on your body. This means there is less chance of them accidentally rolling off your station or being placed down to rough on a hard surface. 

Here's to keeping your scissors safe!

While we hope you never have to refer to this article, we know that accidents can happen. You've spent good money on your scissors, so treat them well, protect them and know that if you drop them, Don't lose hope! They will most likely be repaired before you know it! Happy... and safe.. cutting everyone!

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