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Are There Benefits Of A Swivel Hair Scissor?

August 23, 2022

So, we're here again, asking the big questions. Are there any benefits of swivel hairdressing scissors? To answer in short... Yes, yes there is! But if you're a newbie here and don't even know what swivel shears are then sit tight and read on because we're about to tell you what swivel shears are and the benefits they bring to the table of the hairdressing world.

What is a swivel shear?

Swivel scissors are by far the most ergonomically designed hair cutting shears on the market. While yes, they can cut like any hair cutting shears but what you don't know is that the swivel style shears are actually designed to help with comfort and control in mind before anything else, keeping any uncomfortable positions and unwanted hairdressing injuries far away.

The swivel scissors have an offset handle design that comes with a swivel thumb ring. The thumb ring can move 360 degrees around, which allows your hand/palm to open and close completely without causing any strain. A Swivel shear is designed to keep your thumb in its most natural, pain free position. As you change cutting positions, your thumb position changes with you, removing stress from the tendons in your thumb and wrist.

Some may not realise but over time a fixed position thumb hole can cause added strain and cause either RMI/RSI (Repetitive motion injuries/ Repetitive strain injuries) Which is why a rotating thumb feature can help to relieve any pressure or even prevent any hairdressing related injuries. How good is that!?

Now it doesn't stop there - what's better than a swivelling thumb hole? A swivelling thumb and finger hole! Crazy huh? Not so crazy in the hairdressing tools world! Double swivel scissors are again and ergonomic design will not only help with your thumb but also your fingers and whole hand believe it or not! How? You ask - well exactly how with your thumb position that changes with you, removing stress from the tendons in your thumb and wrist, the same goes for your fingers. Some find they can often get knuckle, wrist, forearms and even finger pain from non swivel shears, due to the stiffness and not being able to open and close their hands freely and comfortably.

Are there benefits of swivel shears?

The main question you came here for... is there benefits of swivel scissors? Of course there is! These have typically been designed to be the most comfortable shears one could use. They are the perfect shears for anyone that suffers with carpal tunnel syndrome and struggles to find handle styles that suit them. Many stylists that have carpal tunnel tend to go for a crane design, which yes will help but with specific angles it can still cause you to feel uncomfortable and create awkward angles when cutting hair.

What are the benefits of swivel shears?

So what exactly are the main benefits of swivel scissors? Whether it's a single or double swivel shears, the swivel shears feature (as mentioned above) allows you to be able to either help prevent or help with repetitive motion injuries or carpal tunnel by allowing your hand to open and close fully in its most natural form. While some stylists may find it strange at first go, others find comfort right away. Look, a swivel scissor is of course going to be different to non swivel scissors and may take some getting used to, but trust us when we say how good it is!

We can imagine you're now thinking, but what about my thinning or texturizing shears that don't have the swivel feature? Well lucky for you many companies now do standard hair cutting shears with the swivel feature as well as thinning and texturizing scissors, so now you can have maximum cutting comfort all around!

To swivel or not to swivel

So now we're sure you have all the need to know about the beloved swivel shear, it's now your choice on whether you convert to swivel or double swivel scissors or stick with your non swivel shears. If you don't feel you know enough about the swivel scissor feel free to reach out and we will happily answer any questions you may have!

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