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21 Things Only Hairdressers Know

August 28, 2017

There are many reasons you decided to become a hair stylist. Maybe it’s because you loved experimenting with different cuts and colours on your own hair, or it all began when you found that you were exceptionally good at braiding. You may have decided hairdressing is a brilliant way to unleash creativity or you may just feel love helping people with their hair. No doubt you love talking to people all day, every day! Whatever the case, to become a hairdresser, we know that you’ve put in hours and hours of training and practice.

Hairdressing can be hard, especially when clients ask for a crazy hairstyle or insist on a style or colour you’ve advised against. Sometimes, you don’t get time to eat your lunch or even have a coffee to get you through the afternoon. Sometimes, your feet may hurt from running around all day in the salon. We know that you often hear about the funny and sometimes tragic details of your client’s lives.

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Whatever the case, here is a list of things all hairdressers can totally relate to:

  1. When a client insists on doing their own hair for a big event, then comes in last minute crying because it’s all gone wrong. This is especially painful when they’ve dyed their own hair. Your heart just breaks for them, but put on your hero cape, because only you can fix it for them.
  2. Sometimes you run out of time in between clients and forget to book your own hair appointment. We hope you manage to carve out some relaxation time just for yourself.
  3. You’ve had heaps of practice giving head massages.
  4. When a client shows you a photo of a hairstyle they’d like, you do your absolute best, and they still don’t like it. Sometimes it happens, and it happens to every hairdresser.
  5. When a client shows you photos of a celebrity hairstyle they’d like, but it just won’t work on their hair type. It can be really difficult to tell your client the truth.
  6. When a client says they want a change, but don’t want too much taken off and definitely don’t want a new colour.
  7. Sometimes it’s hard to keep your client’s head still, and you hold your breath hoping they don’t get in the way of your scissors. Hairdressing accidents are never pretty!
  8. Kids are cute, but they move a lot.
  9. When you forget your apron you say goodbye to your new top. You cannot bleach the dye out of every shirt.
  10. When you forget to wear gloves, your hands look weirdly purple or a terrifying red.
  11. When you finally sit down to relax in front of a movie, you often spend more time analysing the actor’s haircuts. ‘Is that a wig? No, it can’t be.’
  12. Heaps of people tell you they’ve given their own fringe a trim, and you simply don’t understand why. Booking into a hair salon does not take long, and many even insist in trimming your fringe for free, because it only takes two seconds. And you can tell the difference between a home job and a professional job.
  13. When you’re blow drying someone’s hair and you notice they’re talking to you, but you can’t hear them over the noise. You usually just nod and smile. Hopefully they’re only talking about their holidays.
  14. Sometimes hairdressing is dangerous, especially when there is a straightening iron involved. Burns are painful!
  15. When a client says they want healthy looking hair, and in order to do that you must remove three inches, but they insist on only removing one.
  16. Sometimes a toilet break is the only time your feet will rest. Especially on the weekend, when the salon is always busy. Sore feet and a rumbling tummy are your constant companions.
  17. When a client is running late for their appointment, but it’s really busy – it can throw the whole day’s schedule out.
  18. Many people don’t understand why haircuts and colours can be so expensive.
  19. When your friend wants a ‘quick trim’ or a ‘touch up’ but it’s your day off.
  20. When you run your own business and even though hairdressing is your way of life, you feel rude not giving discounts to regulars.
  21. Yet no matter how much you struggle or how awkward your job can be, you love it.

We know that hairdressing can be hard and sometimes a struggle, but that seeing the look on your client’s face when they’ve just received a cut they love makes it all worth it. There are joys to being a hairdresser too, especially if you love development relationships with people, and the flexibility of how you can choose to work.

There’s nothing we love more here at Scissor Tech Australia than supporting hairdressers. From supplying high quality scissors to providing an expert sharpening service, we’re here to make your life easier.

For customer service that can’t be beaten, and amazing prices on all our scissors, contact us today to find out more.

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