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8th Day of Christmas: Matsui Precision Rose Gold Scissor Thinner Combo

December 20, 2018

The Christmas sale 2018 is upon us. Most of you are probably getting ready to get a clean and professional shave, visit your family and friends or even celebrate the holiday in your own respective ways with those you love.

It doesn’t matter what you want to buy this Christmas or how you want to celebrate the holiday period; there is a standard tendency among people where they purchase items during this period. Most of you give their time and effort to acquire that fantastic item you have been longing throughout the year. It is the time of the year when most of us offer well wishes and gifts to not just loved ones, but even to total strangers.

At Scissor Tech, we are making your Christmas unforgettable by offering selected Matsui hair scissors at discounted prices. For instance, during the 8th day of our 12 days of Christmas sale, we are giving the Matsui Precision Rose Gold Scissor and Thinner Combo at a discounted price of $499. With this cost, you will be saving a whopping $ 100 since its standard selling price is $ 599.

Matsui Precision rose gold scissor thinner combo

What do you get in the Combo?

The Rose Gold and Matte black trim in these scissors make them total stunners. The quality is second to none while the finish is totally amazing. Besides, all scissors are perfectly and individually checked by a bladesmith to guarantee their quality and lifespan.

The Matsui Precision Rose Gold Scissor and Thinner Combo come with a lifetime warranty, scissor oil, scissor tension adjuster, and high-quality storage case. In addition, our orders come with free express shipping.

With the unbeatable price indicated above, treat yourself with amazing haircutting and thinning scissors combo this holiday by purchasing our Matsui Precision Rose gold scissor combo.

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