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11th Day of Christmas: Matte black XXL

December 22, 2018

It is that time of the year when most shoppers are loosening their wallets and go on a spending spree because most items on sale are available at unbeatable prices. From scissors to home furnishing to cars, the list is limitless as people try to grab the discounts being offered by various stores.

Matte black XXL

If you were not able to purchase one of the selected Matsui scissors on the past ten days of the 12 days of Christmas sale, worry no more! The 11th day of our Christmas sale is here with you. On this day, we are giving you the Matsui Black Magic XXL set at $ 599 which is a significant decrease from $ 799. There is nothing as good as getting a discount of $ 200 on a pair of Matte Black scissors this Christmas.

If you are a hairdresser or barber who is looking forward to up your game or refresh your haircutting scissors, the Matsui Black Magic XXL set is the perfect solution for you. This set of scissors comes with valuable new scissors that are custom made and incorporates a great offset handle to make your work much more comfortable.

The set comes with the following items:

Matte black XXL

The Matte Black XXL sets are absolute stunners thanks to their high quality make and Matte finish. Besides, the product comes with a high-quality storage case, a lifetime warranty, scissor tension adjuster and scissor oil. Just like other orders from us, this order also offers free express shipping.

Share with a friend, spread the love, and stay in touch for tomorrow’s 12 days of Christmas sale! And do not forget, for every buy of 12 days of Christmas item, you will get a huge discount.

12th Day of Christmas: Matsui Matte Black Scissor & Thinner Combo

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