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2nd Day of Christmas: Matsui Matte Black Aichei Mountain

December 17, 2018

The holiday season is here with us once again, and nothing compliments a festive season than a good, affordable and quality gift. As you make a list of new items to acquire during this festive season, do not forget to include the new Matsui Matte Black Aichei Mountain Scissor at the top of the list.

Matsui Matte Black Aichei Mountain

If you love good discounts, then this is the right time to begin your Christmas shopping. At our company, we are experts in various kinds of haircutting shears to suit your needs. In our Christmas sale 2018, we promise best discounts on all products for you, your family and friends. This is the best period you can come across best Christmas gifts for 2018 at amazingly affordable prices.

The 12 days of Christmas sale will feature twelve different items on each day of the amazing sale. On 2nd day of Christmas sale, be sure to take advantage of the great discount on Matsui Matte Black Aichei Mountain Scissor. These scissors are light, charming and elegant, made from high-quality cobalt infused steel and superior hollow ground design provides a shear that will last for years.

The offset handle possessed by both shears brings your thumb into a natural position for cutting, and your solid finger can never come loose and get lost. Tension system creates an extra smooth feel to the shears while cutting.

Matsui matte black is essential for hairdressers and barbers who are looking forward to up their game with valuable shears. These shears are available in either 5.5-inch or 6-inch. The former is suitable for girl cuts and slicing while the latter is best for blunt cuts and barbering. In this combo, you will also find hair thinning shears with a perfect ergo handle.

When you decide to purchase shears from us, you will know that they are unique with an exceptional quality. The matte finish is unparalleled and offers a soft touch. The products from us are very well balanced and thoroughly checked to ascertain comfort when you are using it.

Here are some are some of the many advantages that come with buying this brand new product on the second day of Christmas.

12 Shears of Christmas

  • Products from us embrace free express shipping.
  • Price is slashed by a whopping $ 100 from its standard price of $599; therefore, you get these shears plus the combo at $ 499.
  • You receive your order within 3-7 business days.
  • 100% guaranteed return policy. This is to enable our customers to return any weak scissors which will be refunded, or a replacement is sent.
  • Shipping is 100% secure and safe. We will never share our customer’s details with a third party.
  • Our products are offered at an affordable price making them the cheapest in the market and are of high quality. We ensures customer satisfaction by allowing their customers to contact them in case of a problem with their service or products.
  • You can pay fortnightly with four interest-free payments of $124.75 with After Pay.
  • All items come with a lifetime manufacturing warranty, a reliable case to protect your scissors, oil microfiber cleaning cloth and tension adjuster.

Whether you are buying haircutting scissors for your own use or a gift for your friends and loved ones, the Matsui matte Black Aichei Mountain shear is one item to be on top of your shopping list. Thus, grab this opportunity and make your order on the 2nd day of our 12 days of Christmas sale to enjoy our unbelievable discounts.

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