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1st Day of Christmas: Matsui 2019 Neon Pink Offset Scissor Set

December 17, 2018

Since the holiday season is here with us, it is time for our annual 12 days of Christmas sale. The twelve days of Christmas sale 2018 will start on Thursday, December 7th and last until Tuesday, December 18th. Over the last few years, we have offered different unique sale every day for twelve days. In 2018, we are doing it a bit different because there is a specific item for sale every day whose price is significantly lowered.

For 12 Days, Scissor Tech will give you its products at a lowered price

You read that statement correct; you will get selected product from us at a reduced price. For instance, our first-day sale is the Matsui Neon Pink Offset Scissor Triple Set that will sell at $ 349 as opposed to its current retail price of $ 549. Acquiring this offset scissor at this price allows you to save $ 200 which can be used for other holiday activities.

In fact, there is no better way to shop for your hairdressing tools and equipment than shopping in one place. Pick up some gift cards and get the Matsui scissors at discounted prices. Get something for your loved one from us and receive selected haircutting scissors at discounted prices.

Discounted Products You Can Select From

We have compiled a list of items you can get at discounted prices from us this holiday, but the complete list alongside its pictures will be posted on our website soonest. Here, we just needed to get the word out about the twelve days of Christmas sale 2018 to allow you to start planning today. The list is going to have haircutting shears, thinning scissors, razors, and other related products.

The First Day of Twelve Days of Christmas

On our first day, we are observing our pink Christmas theme by giving you Neon Pink Offset Scissor Triple set at a discounted price. Make sure that you get the 2019 model of this pair of scissors before it gets sold out.

Why you should acquire the 2019 Neon Pink Offset Triple Set

  • They are amazing, light in weight and designed from high quality infused steel. This material allows the shears to stay sharp for many years.
  • The scissors incorporates a mountain blade that is useful in feathering, texturizing and point cutting.
  • The six-inch 2019 model blunt cutter lowers shoulder and wrist pain while offering the user a much better angle to cut hair.
  • It has a tension system to give an extra smooth feel to the scissors. Also, it is designed in a way that the offset handle ensures that the thumb is in its natural position for cutting.
  • You will acquire a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, a protective case to store your scissors, a tension adjuster, scissor oil, as well as a cleaning microfiber cloth.

The Items in the Triple Set are:

Make sure you are up to date with our twelve days of Christmas sale 2018 by visiting our website or social media channels. And as always, shop for your haircutting scissors at Scissor Tech. Now, if you want to have those unique and luxurious Matsui scissors and still be left with some dollars to spend on your vacation, make Scissor Tech your destination shopping store this holiday. The luxurious scissors at discounted prices are comparable to none in the market.

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