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Why you need slide cutting scissors

May 19, 2022

Slide cutting or slicing is best done by using Slide Cutting Scissors which are a new and modern design of hairdressing scissors that is quickly becoming popular in the hair styling world. You will either love them or see no use for them, but the majority of  Hair stylists that specialize in cutting will want to have a pair in their kit.

We think it is best to have a dedicated pair of slide cutting scissors in your kit as it ensures you have an ultra sharp pair of shears that is needed for this type of cutting. Slide cutting shears are normally a bit more expensive than an average hairdressing scissor due to the high quality of steel that is required to maintain a razor sharp edge your cutting scissors will feature.

If you are not using slide cutting shears or don’t understand their purpose then we think there is no time like the present to learn how versatile these scissors can be.

What are Slide Cutting scissors?

Slide Cutting scissors are for the purpose of exactly what they sound like they are for.. they are for slide cutting. Slide Cutting shears are made with a razor sharp “convex” or “clamshell edges” typically found on Japanese scissors, this allows a stylist to drag down and slide cut the hair on an angle, without having to close the shear.

If you imagine what razor cutting is, then using a slide cutting shear is very similar to a razor cut, but the blend and cut you get from a slide cutting shear is much softer. Having the right type of scissors for slide cutting will not only provide a better result but it will also be faster and simply glide through your hands.

When comparing a slide cutting scissor to razor cutting again the finish is smoother on a slide cutting scissor which allows you to slide cut with wet hair or dry hair.

Slide cutting hair shears are normally anywhere between 5.5-6 inches. The most comfortable size for you is based on your hand size. If you are more experienced than a slide cutting scissor closer to 6 inches would be comfortable and if you have smaller hands than a length closer to 5.5 inches would be the most comfortable.

The reason you will most commonly find Slide cutting shears in either 5.5 or 6 inches is because any larger or smaller then these sizes would be extremely awkward to use for any slide cutting technique.

When would you use slide cutting scissors?

Slide cutting shears can be used in a number of ways which we will go through with you below, so keep reading and prepare to be won over by this new style of shear.

  • Slide cutting shears are perfect for cutting those face shaping layers in. Slide cutting around the face is really the easiest way to create those 90's Jennifer Anniston face frames. Not only is face framing a 90's hairstyle, it's modern really through all the years and all the different hair styles because face framing can be as subtle or intense as you want it to be. When slide cutting around the face the scissors will be open and this technique can also be referred to as slicing.
  • Downward slide cutting at the end of a haircut to soften any heavy layers or baselines, is a perfect way to soften your haircut without using your thinning scissors. This cutting technique is used by slide cutting in a downward direction, to remove weight from the hair.
  • Slicing is best done on dry hair for a more softer finish and on wet hair if you are wanting to create a thicker slicing effect. Wet or dry hair cutting with the slider's can really be determined by the look you're after.
  • You can use slide cutters to create texture, on thin hair and of coarse thick hair too. Personally I would only use the slide cutters around the face to frame the face on this haircut.
  • If you are wanting to create softness in blunt lines then by using the proper downward angle a slider is perfect for that.


Do all scissors slide cut?

The short answer for this question is, No, but most of you non slide cutting shears can do a poor to average job of it. For example... If your scissors have a serrated edge on the blade, like many German or barber style scissors do then they should NOT be used for slide cutting techniques as they will pull and damage the hair.

And I will tell you why.. The edge on slide cutting scissors is designed to be razor sharp. If you start to use your slide cutting scissors for anything else but slide cutting then they will go blunt very quickly, which will then make it difficult for slide cutting with blunt shears.The fastest what to damage and blunten the blade is by using your slide cutting scissors for the scissor over comb cutting technique.

Japanese steel is best for slide cutting shears due to the convex edge on Japanese shears being razor sharp. Lower quality shears can cause damage to the hair and cause discomfort to the client while cutting their hair.

Slide cutting hair shears are designed not only through the steel but the design of the blade that is typically razor sharp which allows you to slide cut perfectly providing you are cutting on the proper angle too.

Slide cutting shears blades are designed for you to cut diagonally so if you tried to point cutting with these shears or do anything but slide cutting, then they would push the hair and can also be very frustrating to use. Even cutting a baseline the sliding shears would push the hair and not grip the hair strands. Slide cutting shears are only designed to be used for slide cutting and as mentioned previously, will not work great for other cutting techniques. Again we would like to remind you that, as well as being easily damaged when used for certain techniques, the blade should really be looked after to maintain its razor sharp finish. 


So there you have it, a crash course on all facts and information about slide cutting hairdressing scissors. We hope that today you may have picked up on some facts you may not have known and hopefully can make a clear decision if Slide cutting hair shears are the next tool you want to add to your hairdressing tool kit. If you are a hairstylist that already loves to slide cut then now you know sliders will be the best investment for you and your kit.

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