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Where Does Aichi Steel Come from?

December 10, 2020

So, you’re wondering where does Aichi steel come from? Well to put it simple it’s the best steel you can come across! Correctly spelt ‘Aichi Steel’ also known as ‘Aichei Steel’ is a Japanese steel made with only the highest quality (440C) steel out there which is why majority of hairdressers and barbers choose their scissors made from the one and only Aichi Steel.

Matsui Aichi Steel ScissorsIf doing your research correctly (which is you reading this post now, we are also super happy you are getting the correct info from this article) Aichi steel comes from Japan hence the Japanese name ‘Aichi’ and have been around for an easy 80 years which makes it the most trusted steel on the market. Don’t believe us? Click here and continue your research on Aichi Steel then please tell us its not Japanese, we dare you.
Looking for the perfect Aichi steel scissor? Overwhelmed by which one to get? Below is our fav 3 Aichi steel scissors ready for you to take your pick!
Matsui Aichei Mountain Offset Scissor 
Ranging in 3 different sizes from 5.5 inch, 6inch and of course 7inch you can do no wrong with out Matsui Aichei Mountain scissor, with its offset handle for complete comfort and mountain blade ensuring a sharp clean cut everytime.
The 2020 neon pink scissors are the scissors of the year, coming in 5.5inch and 6inch with its offset handle makes these a lighter weight beautifully designed scissor for the salon superstar!
This one is for the barbers of the world! The stunning Matsui rose gold samurai barbering scissors are hand crafted, lightweight ergonomic design keeps it light enough for those fast barbering days.

We at scissor tech stand in front behind and side by side of all our scissors especially the Matsui range which is of course made from none other than Aichi Steel, ensuring the quality of the scissor before it leaves the warehouse is our main priority. If, however for any reason you are not happy with the scissor our customer service team is more than happy to make your experience with us a complete breezy dreamy process and find you the right scissor. In our eyes, and many other hairdressers and barbers, we would agree there is no better than of course...
the Aichi Steel.

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