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Tools Every Barber Needs

April 21, 2022

Ok, so we're here to bring to you what every barber will need along with the essential barber tool needed to complete your barber tools for your barber career. Sounds straightforward and easy right? Well, it can be but you will shortly learn that what you think may be essential tools for the job might not cut it for a busy barber shop. So, let's get this rolling and get you kitted out ready to take on all things barber, whether you're an experienced barber or a novice, we're sure this list will give you the confidence knowing you have all your barber tools locked and loaded to go.

Now look, aside from the obvious barber chair, shampoo basin, mirrors, barber cape and all general things that come with a barber shop, some barber shop owners may already provide everything you could even dream of for your barber tools; while others may provide you with the basic mentioned above. Which is now where we come in to tell you the essential barber shop tools every barber needs to be able to work within the barber shop, so let's see what we have first up. And please remember this is in no particular order.


Well, if this wasn't half obvious already people! Scissors especially barber scissors are one of, if not the main tool you'll need when it comes to barbering. Most barbers tend to carry a 7inch cutting scissor but are also known to have 6, 5.5 and 5 inch in their scissor case also for a range of reasons. Alongside cutting scissors you will also find in their scissor case a pair of thinning shears and/or texturizing scissors to help either thin out hair or add texture to their haircut. Check out our range of barbering scissors here.

Hair Clippers

Of course you don't 'need' these but they sure do make cuts quick and efficient. Not only that, not all hair cuts can be done with just plain scissors. What if your client comes in wanting a shaved head? or a crew cut? We know there are some seriously talented barbers out there that could make this happen without clippers, but the reality of it is that it's just not practical in this 21st century that we're in now. Not only that, clippers have come a LONG way since they were first released. The main feature worth mentioning is the clipper guards. Without them everyone would be getting a zero when the clipper is put to the scalp. So luckily the clipper guards range from 1 all the way up to 12 but most commonly up to an 8. The 1 represents about 3 mm in length and the number 8 is equal to about 25mm in length.

Now again as we mentioned, hair clippers have come a long way. From the old school corded electric clipper to now cordless clippers that are battery operated which makes cutting hair much easier without the feeling of being restricted from the corded electric clipper. A cordless clipper will also help with having the freedom to move where you want and not get the cord stuck anywhere it shouldn't be - like under people's feet!

Neck Trimmer

Where would clippers be without neck trimmers to get that bit more closer to the skin without having to whip out your razor. The neck trimmer as we mentioned gets an even closer shave to the hairline/neck line allowing you to shape in the desired neckline and sideburns. But keep in mind there will still be the tiniest hairs still present - you might not be able to see them but you will certainly still be able to feel them.


While a razor isn't needed every haircut, it's always super handy to have at arms reach. Why do you ask? Simply because no two clients are the same. Some love the fresh clean shaven feel on either their face or neck line, and even find it lasts them longer. While others still. prefer the slight stubble on their face or aren't overly particular with how 'clean' the cut/shave is. So always best to ask your client for the finer details and have every tool on hand ready as a 'just in case'.

Cutting Combs

A cutting comb - does this really need much explanation? Every barber has at least one comb handy. But it doesn't stop there - like scissors there are many different styles and lengths of a hair comb including combs for beards and eyebrows! So again better to be equipped with the best then not to be!

Spray bottle

A spray bottle! of Course! For the clients that don't want their hair shampooed or have crazy thick hair to get through you simply spray it down (with water) and start combing and taking your sections. Which will make taking your sections super clean, simple and tangle free.


Again an obvious one that only needs a little but enough of a mention. The hair dryer (blow dryer) can be used multiple ways when it comes to men's cutting. First being the blow drying hair of the clients hair after it had been sprayed down or shampooed next could be as simple as blowing excess hair off the client's shoulders if it's been a big cut or to get those short hairs away before you get your neck brush out.

Neck brush

As we mentioned a second ago - the neck brush isn't so much to help you, the barber, in cutting as such but it helps to keep your client comfortable, itch and hair free simply brush the hair off the client's neck.

Neck strips

Again not for any of your gain but for sure for the client! These strips help to keep those pesky short sharp hairs above the neck and not travel down past the t-shirt. The neck brush and neck strips will leave your client feeling super fresh and comfortable and not feeling as though they need to jump in the shower straight away - Think of these as the 'Professional touch'


After every client or the end of a busy barbering day it's always best to clean your products and should be done! Ever wonder what that blue liquid stuff is at a barber shop? Well, it's actually a disinfectant designed just for barbering tools and equipment, every great barber knows that! But be careful with it - it's strong!

Styling Products

And what better way to finish off your clients perfectly fresh hair cut than some hair products! While it's not a must have, because not all client's want the product to finish but for the ones that do, styling products not only completes a look but can really help to give a finished look to the haircut. So we encourage you to encourage your clients to try some good quality hair products!

So whether you're beginner barbers, a good barber, a successful barber or just your average everyday barber you can be sure that this blog has included all the must have necessary tools for the barbers of the world. And of course if you need help finding the right tools you can reach out to our friendly customer service team!

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