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Signs You’re Using the Wrong Hair Tools

October 09, 2019

Hair tools like a good pair of hairdressing scissors are designed to make your hair look its best. But, when you choose the wrong tools, over time, your hair will start showing signs of degradation even as you enjoy good results in the short term.

Knowing what signs your hair is showing and what they mean is vital in saving your hair. It will also save you the trouble and cost of trying to salvage the situation.

Excess hair loss during detangling

Most people believe losing excess hair when combing is genetic – It's not! It’s a result of not using the right comb and detangling tools.

There are different types of hair tools you can use to detangle your hair. The right one is determined by how curly, thick and how often you detangle your hair.

Using the right tool will not only prevent hair loss but also save you pain and time.

Tugging at your hair when detangling is a sign that you’re using the wrong tools. A wide-toothed comb is a perfect place to start especially when you’re not certain which tool is the best for your hair. It saves your hair from breakage and shedding and slowly works on the knots.

It’s also advisable to make sure your hair is moisturized before untangling to make it easier for the comb to glide through and reduce breakage.

Frizzled, tangled and unruly hair

Once the hair is detangled, the next step is styling. There are plenty of mistakes that you can make in this step other than picking up the wrong tool.

Using the right hair tool will not only make it easier to get desirable results but also ensure that your hair suffers the least amount of trauma.

If your hair appears frizzy and brittle after blow-drying, it’s possible you're using the wrong blow dryer and technique when blow drying.

If you want that smooth, shiny and healthy hair look, the best tool to use is a ceramic or tourmaline blow dryer.

Make sure you use the right attachment and remember that the blow dryer should point downward to ensure all your hair blows in the same direction. This prevents that unruly look and dazed look.

If you love that straight and sleek look you can subject your hair to further breakage if you use a fine toothed combed. To avoid this use a wide-toothed comb to smooth through your hair as you blow-dry.

Lost natural curls

Using the wrong heat setting when styling can cause your hair to lose its structure. Unfortunately, this is not an easy sign to decipher largely because it doesn’t show immediately. The signs start showing after using wands, curlers or a flat iron over a prolonged time.

The simplest way to determining if your hair is losing structure is checking if your natural curls are restored after washing the hair. If you notice the curls are limb and look lifeless, it’s possible you’re not only using the wrong tool but also the wrong setting.

You can prevent heat damage by applying a heat protectant to your hair before using any heating tools. Also, not all styling tools serve the same function even when you can improvise. Make sure you use the right tool for the right job.

Flat irons preferably those with a narrow plates provide a straight and elegant look. They offer better results and require fewer passes to get the right results. When choosing a flat iron, factor in the length and thickness of your hair.

For a curly finish, curlers and wands are the appropriate tools. Go for a barrel size that correlates with the curl size you want.

Small barrels mean tight spiral curls while larger barrels produce big curls and with a little creativity beach waves as well.

If the curls turn out a little hard and toasty, you need to lower the temperature setting. When rolling your hair on the barrel, don't tug or pull at the hair. Instead, gently hold the hair around the barrel. This prevents damage to the root structure and gives you a beautiful, soft curl.

Puffy and sloppy braids

When discussing hair styling, braids and ponytails are often overlooked. It's the case because they are seemingly simple to achieve. Once you try them, you quickly realize they can be a pain just like the other more elaborate hairstyles.

Even when braiding your hair, achieving the right results requires that you use the right tools. Even when going for that unruly look, you still need to use the right tools. If you don’t, you end up with a frizzy, sloppy-looking and puffy look that is a complete turn-off.

One of the tools you need to get your braiding right is a fine-toothed combed. This is not to comb the hair but to part it.

Accurate, straight and even partitions are essential in getting the right look when braiding your hair. The tail section of the comb is perfect for sectioning the hair, and the toothed part can help in gathering the hair.

For ponytails, a boar bristle brush does the trick. You don't need to worry much about partition in this case, but you can still mess things up by using the wrong tool. Signs that you're using the wrong tool, in this case, are a loose and frizzy look once the job is done.

You must ensure the bristles of the brush are 100% boar bristles. You can use a brush to help get any fly-away back in line.


Having a good hair care routine is essential in preventing hair damage and most importantly, in securing the right look. Having the right hair care products and tools is vital in ensuring your hair remains healthy and thick and continues to grow.

Have a routine to wash, condition and moisturize your hair before detangling and styling. Don’t forget that what you eat also contributes to the general appearance and health of your hair.

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