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Should you choose left or right handed hair scissors

June 02, 2022

Firstly, how amazing is it that you have a choice!

There used to be a time where hairdressers may have been told they can only learn right handed or there weren't many options to buy left handed shears. Now you are encouraged to cut with the hand that feels more natural, may it be using left handed scissors or right handed scissors or even both!

They do say that just over 10% of the world population are left handed only and that doesn't include those unicorns that are both left and right handed. So including that population and nurturing the education of those left handed hairdressers is very important.

Is Left or Right handed scissors better for you?

We think that if you learn to write left-handed and the left hand is your most dominant hand then using left handed scissors in your left hand is the best option for you. Same goes with your right hand, if the right handed scissors feel more comfortable then you should use right handed scissors.

We think there would be major consequences if you use the wrong handed scissors for you, because you run the risk of injuries to you or the client or you may even just have a tougher time using these hairdressing scissors.

Can you tell by looking at the scissor handle?

You can most definitely tell by looking if you know what you're looking for. For example...

Professional hairdressing scissors held in the correct hand being left or right, you will normally see the brand logo facing you when you are holding the scissors correctly in you hand and raise at the eye level. Facing you will also be the tension screw and opening the blade you will see the curved edge in the middle with the base of the blade at the bottom.

Now if you swap your shears into the incorrect hands, this is all obviously going to be flipped for what we just explained. Firstly the tension screw will be gone or flat as its the back of the screw. Next to the back of the tension screw you may see some product codes that are intended for the back. Also the curved edge blade will again be in the middle but the base of the blade will sit at the top.

Now if you try to cut with the wrong shears, in the wrong hand then you will find it extremely awkward and the scissor blades will push on the hair more, making it very difficult to use.

Universal shears for left and right hands

Now if you're reading this thinking well I'm neither Left or right handed I'm actually both and have either taught myself to cut with both or it made more sense for me from the start to cut with both hands, then there is a shear Professional hairdressing scissors you! 

Having ONE shear that allows you to cut with both hands will obviously eliminate you having to buy two hairdressing scissors or maybe four if you want to include thinning scissors. Below we can show you what magical scissors we are referring to..

Reversible scissors

Reversible shears, Double handed shears or Double threats are all names for these types of hairdressing scissors, literally a genius invention if you ask us. It's a type of hairdressing scissors that have been revolutionized compared to your traditional hairdressing scissors that can now be used by both your left and right hands.

The benefits of using a reversible shear is your cutting techniques can dramatically improve on say a less dominant side to the haircut. For example.. have you ever found when you slide, cut or blend out on one side of the face frame, that one side is always easier than the other. This is because when you flip your hand on the less dominant side of the hair cut, your technique can change and become a little awkward. With reversible shears you will never have that problem because instead of flipping over your hand, you're just simply transferring your haircutting scissors to the other hand to perform the same technique. You are able to angle your hairdressing scissors on the same angle but with a different hand.

If you're a Hairstylist that can cut with both hands, then your haircuts will most definitely result in being more symmetrical. Our favorite double sided shears are -

Matsui Double Threat's

Matsui are known for their use of top quality Japanese Steel, so if you're looking for hairdressing scissors that are reversible and good quality then you will love their Double Threat's. With a pinky finger rest on both ends for comfort.

Yasaka Reversible handle's

Yasaka are also known for their use of top quality Japanese Steel but what sets them apart is how surprisingly light their hairdressing scissors are. With a pinky finger rest on both handles.

Left handed scissors for a right handed hairdresser

Can this be done? we think not! and we will tell you why..

If you place left handed scissors in your right hand or right handed scissors in your left hand then immediately they will feel out of place. The first reason being your hairdressing scissors are designed to mold to the correct hand. Would you put a dress on backwards expecting the dress to sit or fall correctly? no.. But with saying that you cannot flip around, your left handed scissors and then think they may mold better to your hand. Next they won't cut properly because the blades are designed perfectly for the correct hand that the hairdressing scissors are intended for.

If you really are that person that thinks well we can make this work, then we think a better fit for you would be those trusty reversible shears.


Left handed scissors or right handed scissors should be a choice based on how well you can perform using your hairdressing scissors in one hand or the other. When choosing the best hairdressing scissor for you, it should be based on what is best for you and not what is best for the person who teaches you or any other outside factors.

Hairdressing scissors are designed to tailor to a specific need for a hairstylist and if that specific need is for you needing left handed hair scissors then really it's a no brainer to go with what you are most comfortable with.

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