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How to Make the Most of our End of Financial Year Sale

June 12, 2017

It’s end of financial year, which means you can save money. And we mean lots of money. Now is the time to invest into new tools of your trade, upgrade or treat yourself because the savings are enormous.

How You Can Make the Most of Our End of Financial Year Sale

Prices.End of financial year sales typically offer great deals, because suppliers want to get rid of stock. Whether it’s a two-for-one deal or a percentage-off price (like 40% off), sometimes these sales are the best way to save money. One way to prepare for end of financial year sales is to set aside some money each week throughout the year so that when the sales begin, you’ve got money to spend. At Scissor Tech, we’re offering amazing prices that won’t be repeated!

Tax deductibility.If you’ve bought equipment costing $300 or less, you can claim an immediate deduction. This means you get an immediate deduction for the cost of the asset to the extent that you used it for a taxable purpose during the income year in which the deduction is available.

The immediate deduction is available if all the following tests are met:

  • It cost $300 or less
  • You used it mainly for the purpose of producing income
  • It was not part of a set of assets you started to hold in the income year that cost more than $300
  • It was not one of a number of identical or substantially identical assets you started to hold in the income year that together cost more than $300

The great news is that at Scissor Tech, many of our high-quality scissors and shears cost less than $300, which means that you can claim back your deduction immediately.

Sweeteners.You might be able to take advantage of added sweeteners to the deal, like free shipping. At the end of the financial year sales, many suppliers offer sweeteners to entice you to buy. Scissor Tech offers free express shipping, which means you’ll get your new scissors in the mail quickly and for free!

Afterpay.Even if you don’t have the cash now, you can take advantage of a service like Afterpay. Afterpay means you can buy now and pay in installments after your purchase. Sometimes end of financial year sales don’t allow Afterpay as an option – but we do. Not only do you get a terrific price, you also get the choice to pay with Afterpay.

Check out the returns policy.You may find yourself in a hurry to make a purchase before a sale ends, but it’s vital to check out the returns policy first. Buying at sales sometimes means that you can’t return the product if it doesn’t suit you, but at Scissor Tech, our returns policy is as amazing as ever. You can exchange it or return the product if you don’t like it, and we won’t make your life a hassle! And that includes our sale items, too.

Don’t make the mistake of buying an inferior product.It can be tempting to buy inferior products at end of financial year sales, because the prices are so low. But we can guarantee both great prices and high-quality products. We don’t offer bargains on low-quality stock we want to get rid of – our bargains are legitimate. And our products are nothing but high-quality.

Check out the warranty before you buy.Make sure you read the fine print before you buy. Sometimes the warranties offered on sale items are limited. But at Scissor Tech, we always offer a lifetime guarantee on the scissors we sell, even if they’re on sale. We always stand behind the quality of the products we sell.

Treat yourself.Have you been eyeing off the rose gold scissors or the leopard print scissors for ages? Take advantage of our insane prices and splash out on the scissors you’ve always wanted. After all, style is always worth it!

Time for an upgrade?Perhaps you’ve been using a trusty pair of scissors for years. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to the superior quality of Japanese-made scissors. An end of financial year sale is the perfect time to get the best quality scissors in the market for a bargain price.

Customer service that is second to none.Have you ever bought something at a sale only to realise with a sinking feeling later that customer service is nowhere to be seen? You’ll never experience this at Scissor Tech. We love giving our customers the best service they’ve ever experienced. Want to ask a question or check out something? We’re only too happy to help.

Give your tired hands a break.It’s also a perfect time to upgrade to a swivel handle or crane handle scissor if you’re experiencing fatigue or pain in your hands. Has the price put you off before? Give your hands a break and treat them to an ergonomic holiday with our beautiful swivel handle and crane handle scissors.

After sales sharpening.We are experts in scissor sharpening, so not only can you trust us when you buy your scissors from us, you can trust us to sharpen your new scissors so that you get the longest life possible from them.  After all, we know your scissors are an investment in your trade, and we’ll treat them with as much care as you do.

Branch out.Now’s the time to branch out by buying yourself texturizing shears, thinning shears or barber shears. Our insane prices mean that you fully stock your tool belt.

Never run with scissors – but you must hurry to take advantage of Scissor Tech’s amazing end of financial year sale. It’s on for a limited time, with prices never to be repeated – so hurry

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