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Healthy Hairdresser, Happy Customer: Taking Care of YOU to Better Care for Your Clients

April 13, 2018

Styling hair all day eventually takes a toll on the body. For some hairdressers, it would be their back and feet aching for a rest or a change of pace. For others, it would be their hand, wrist and shoulders experiencing annoying or severe pain.

Naturally, when certain areas in our body start to feel discomfort, we find it hard to deliver the level of care and attention that we’d otherwise be able to offer if we were feeling our best. When the body suffers, the business suffers too.

Before anything else, the foundation of success starts with keeping yourself healthy. For healthier and happier hands, backs and feet, below are a few care tips:

For Your Back and Feet

Like a surgeon in an operating theatre, a pair of sturdy and comfortable shoes is a sound investment. Make sure the shoes have a right fit and provide appropriate support.

To check if you have the right size, your pinky toe should have a bit of wiggle room and there should be at least a half-inch space between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe. For your feet’s natural arch, the shoes’ heels should be at least ¼” tall but less than 2”. If your shoes are high-quality but don’t have enough arch support, you can buy insoles from chemists or athlete stores. You may also consider anti-fatigue carpets on your work area.

If you have a bit of time in between appointments, take this opportunity to do stretches and lunges and to rotate your ankles. You can also give your feet some gentle massage by rolling a lacrosse or tennis ball across the sole for 1-5 minutes.

Another tip is to pay attention to your posture as this does wonders for your feet and back. Remember to adjust the client’s seat if you find yourself hunching forward for a prolonged time.

For Your Hands, Wrists, and Shoulders

Like quality shoes, choosing the right scissors goes a long way in preventing or reducing fatigue and pain for your hands, wrists, and shoulders. Scissors with offset handles or swivel thumb rings allow thumbs and hands to cut hair in a more natural and relaxed position. Make sure their cutting action provides the proper smoothness and tension; there shouldn’t be much resistance in every opening and closing motion.

In between appointments, try using your non-dominant hand for other tasks (e.g. cleaning your station) to give your haircutting hand a rest. You can also massage your dominant hand and give your arms and shoulders a good stretch.

If you are starting to show symptoms of musculoskeletal injury, consult your doctor immediately. Even without the presence of symptoms, it’s best to take early preventative measures.

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