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4th Day of Christmas: Matsui Rainbow Triple Set

December 18, 2018

All of you know that Christmas is about being charitable and what a particular product costs should be irrelevant, but unluckily most of us do not have unlimited cash. Besides, the tough economic times we live in requires us to save some money which will sustain us once the Christmas period is over. The good news is that Scissor Tech is against being spendthrift; Scissor Tech is aware that January is always challenging to most shoppers, and that is why we are offering you unrivaled discounts on selected items this Christmas. Do not rush into buying items without looking at the prices like everybody else is doing.

4th Day of Christmas: Matsui Rainbow Triple Set

At Scissor Tech, we are more than happy to make sure that you save a few bucks this Christmas. On the fourth day of our twelve days of Christmas sale, we will be giving you Matsui Rainbow Triple Set combo at a discounted price of $499 which is a decrease from $699. Getting the Matsui Rainbow Triple Set at this price makes you save an incredible $200.

Overview of Matsui Rainbow Triple Set Combo

This combo comprises a 5.5-inch Rainbow cutting shear that is ideal for ladies’ cuts or slicing, a six-inch Matsui Rainbow thinning shear, as well as a six-inch Matsui Rainbow blunt or barbering cutting shear.

You will never regret after acquiring these shears. They are total beauty, and the quality possessed by them is second to none, and every shear is checked individually to guarantee its longevity.

Matsui Rainbow Triple Combo

In addition, we always want to ascertain that the shears serve you for a long time by giving you the scissors along a high-quality storage case, a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, a tension adjuster for the shear and shear oil. Also, we make sure that the shears get to you at the right time and day by offering your free express shipping.

Why Buy from Scissor Tech

  • You get a week to test your shears after acquiring them. If the shear doesn’t please you, gets damaged, or you have changed your mind for no apparent reason, just send it back to our store and get your refund straightaway.
  • Returns are quick and straightforward. Just get in touch with us for a return and send your products to Scissor Tech’s return center for quick processing.
  • We guarantee that you are happy about purchasing any item from us. If you aren’t satisfied with our products, just tell us to have your order changed.
  • Purchasing any product from us is secure and safe. Your personal and private details will never be sold, rented or shared with any third-party agent.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to genuinely saving a significant amount of cash this Christmas, Scissor Tech is the best. We are one of the leading scissors retailing company in the world, and we are offering the best-discounted prices on selected products during our twelve days of Christmas sale. These discounted prices could help you save a bit of cash which in turn will assist you through the early part of 2019.

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